Frequently Asked Questions

Who can register on VSPL Leads Market ?

Anyone who is into business of providing Personal, Home and Car loan through Banks and other Financial Institutions can register on VSPL Lead Market to connect with the loan seekers who need these loans. This is a platform for connecting loan service providers and borrowers. Loan Service providers can be individuals like DSAs of banks etc as well as financial organisations (Banks, NBFCs etc).

From where the leads are generated?

Loan seekers from all across the country directly apply for loans through VSPL android mobile application "Bank Loan Finder - Pro" hosted on Google Play Store ( Download Mobile application >> . This mobile applications shows competitive interest rates of Personal, Home and Car loans to the users and provides them with an option to apply for the loan.

How do we know if the leads are genuine?

Please see the lead generation process shown above. Loan requests are submitted directly by the loan seekers. Mobile number of the applicants are authenticated through OTP. Essential information for establishing applicants loan eligibility are made compulsory in the application mobile form viz Company name for salaried class is obtained from MCA registered company list, take home salary, PAN number etc. All these ensures that only genuine leads are listed. However, pl note that applicant himself is responsible for the authenticity of the information provided (salary, turn over, correct PAN and loan need etc) and VSPL does not verify the submitted information.

What is the maximum limit of loans provided and repayment terms?

VSPL Leads market is only a platform to match Loan service providers with borrowers. Borrowers or loan seekers can fill up loan request with amount you need as loan, tenure etc. Registered loan providers look into your requirements and directly contact you for further information, documents etc.

The repayment terms, amount of loan will be mutually decided between lender and borrower based on eligibility and other criteria fulfilment. The financial organisations will do their own assessment before providing loans.

How much fee is charged for registration for lenders and borrowers?

Currently there is no fee for registering as a borrower or lenders. Lenders are able to view prospective leads on making a small payment of Rs. 30/- to 50/- per lead depending upon number of leads selected. View plans>>

I am a DSA and want to get bulk leads for my City/State, how can I get it and what are the charges?

You can simply register on portal and filter leads meeting your criteria viz City, loan type, Employment type, take home salary etc. After filteration you can select multiple leads and purchase. Bulk rates are automatically applied depending upon number of leads select and put by you in the cart.

What are the terms and conditions of financiers giving the loan?

It depends on the financial organisation/ individual lender. VSPL Leads market does not play any role in this.