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Welcome to VSPL Leads Market

  • VSPL Leads Market is a B2B Marketing Automation platform that helps you identify new sales opportunities by knowing convertible sales leads. It can help your company in deriving best ROI for the marketing efforts. We offer three types of leads: Vehicle Loan, Personal Loan and Home Loan. Get this high quality Marketing Automation Solution today. The platform offers two types of leads - Exclusive Leads and Shared Leads. Following are the features of exclusive leads as against the shared leads.
    • Leads are not shared with any one else.
    • You can opt for a discounted monthly/ quarterly/bulk plan for accessing these leads.


The leads are offered in a Prepaid model. To view leads, you need to create an account by registering on the portal.

    • Payment is collected in advance before viewing the lead. The cost is displayed along with each lead.
    • The payment can be done for each lead in a shared or exclusive manner. The fee for each type varies.
    • The payment is done online. Once we receive the subscription amount the lead gets activated.
    • For further information on prepaid service write us at sales@virtuosos.in

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